Stories of packaging: Pringles

There was a time in which potato chips just came in bags in that time we were used to those little pieces of breaks potatoes.

In 1958 P&G decides to create the best potato chips, after a decade, they finally get the chips ready, then they realize that the best product deserves the best package and that’s how the cardboard tube with a resealable plastic lid that all of us know born.

This packaging was invented by Fredric J. Baur. The tube helped to pile the chips as well as reduce their breakage during shipping. Also, this can require less shelf space and lower transportation costs.

On internet you can find a lot of ways to use the Pringles can, just for collection theme, as Wi-Fi antenna, as storage box for small things or clothes and even when Dr. Frederic Baur passed away in 2008, the Pringles packaging was used in the most innovative way one can think, to honor the memory of Dr. Frederic Baur, his ashes were buried in a Pringles can.

Currently, the company owner of Pringles its Kellogg’s, the brand counts with more than 162 Pringles flavours and has huge popularity around the whole world.

Remember that the packaging counts! Make sure that your product has the package that it deserves and make the difference with the competition.

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