Packaging Guinness records: Three Amazing Events You Should Know

You may hear about world Guinness records, the story of the book gets back to 1950, when in a party comes the argument about the fastest game bird in Europe, Sir. Hugh Beaver noticed that there was not a book to link as a reference to solve the argument.

That is how few years after and with the collaboration of two partners, the book of records officially born. Today the book is recognized and reference around the world as a records authority. 

The book counts with a big variety of topics and categories and makes a huge effort to verify, classify and keep update all the different records daily. 

To have an idea about the huge variety in records the book hold, from the fastest tortoise in the world until the most expensive commercial hotdog.

Of course, the packaging industry is also part of this fun and amazing book, here are 3 packaging World Guinness Record! 

  1. The largest Card Board Box

3264.42 Cubic meters, that’s the official measurement of the cardboard box that until today remains the largest cardboard box in the world. The huge record belongs to Smurfit Kappa Van Dam, since September of 2016; the box was a memorable way to celebrate the companies birthday #105. The home of the huge box is in the Netherlands. The box lasts 14 days before be recycled to create new packaging. 

         2. The oldest branding packaging 

The oldest packaging belongs to Lyle’s golden syrup, the company has maintained the same packaging for the last 135 years. 

The packaging officially started the count in 1885 with just slight technical changes caused by material shortages during the war. 

           3. Simultaneously unboxing 

Packaging is a marketing strategy and this is a perfect example of it, Xiaomi holds the record of most people unboxing simultaneously a total of 703 people as part of this fun event that took place in New York in December 2019, at the end 703 participants opened the boxes and get a record, a memory, and pretty nice Xiaomi gifts! 

One of our favorite things about the packaging is how versatile it can be, able to protect, advertise, engage, and make a story!! 

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