Packaging 101: Ultimate Guide To Measure Your Package

This may sound a bit obvious, as easy as take a meter and merely measuring. But be careful! The process is not the most complicated thing, but, there are a few things you should know at the moment of measuring a box. 

But first, let’s talk about the importance of the correct measure of a box. To make it simple we are going to take two common scenarios.

Scenario 1: You are ordering a new package for your product, the design is amazing, perfect color, shape, material everything looks as you want it, you got a sample, and when you are about to get the final view: The product does not fit! 

The reason is a bad measure, but do not worry, we will help you to avoid this bad scene. 


Scenario 2: All your boxes are ready. It had been a long way, but finally, everything is ready to ship and get the products. Final obstacle: containers and pallets. By knowing the accurate measures of the box you can avoid a bad pallet process; which leads to damaged products due to overload pallets or lose money with a container partially empty.

But, again, we are here to help you, for it follows these simple tips that can save you money, time, and much stress. 

Tip 1 :


The Length, The Width, and the Height


There is a big difference between a 400 * 300 * 250 mm box and a 300 * 250*400 mm box, it is because of the dimensions. 


       The Length: It makes reference to the longest side of the box            that has a flap: L

       The width: Is the other side with a flap, as you can guess by             now, is the shorter side with a flap of the box: W

       The Height: Also known as depth, it’s the vertical dimension of         the box, the distance between the top and the bottom: H

The traditional measures of a box will be: 


                                               L x W x H


Can all the measures be equal? Of course, then you have a perfectly square package. 

Tip 2,  

There is a distinction between internal and external measures, according to the thickness of the material, internal and external measures may vary. Also, remember to add some extra space for safety wrapping. 

Tip 3,

Make sure that your artwork perfectly fits with the surface of your packaging! This is really important to get that the design match with size and structure. It’s a crucial step to get a perfect package. 

TIP 4,


Always send samples of your products to the packaging expert, in this way you can make sure, that the product will perfectly fit with the package. And have in account that additional features like compartments or inserts will modify the total volume capacity of the package. How to measure the total volume? 

Again: L X W X H

Use this information to get the perfect measures, it will save you money, keep your product safe, avoid waste, help the environment, and increase your sales. Contact us. We are experts.

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