Iconic Packaging: Chanel N.5

A good package is the best advertisement; it will be in contact  100% of the times in the relationship product- customer, that’s why every detail counts.

But what’s the difference between a package and an iconic package?

An iconic package pays attention to every single detail, it must: be unique, go beyond the usual parameters, be something practical, be innovative, and perfectly fit with the product that contains.

One of the first steps is to know your customer and your product.

A great example of it is the iconic bottle of Chanel N. 5. The packaging is based on the time, characterized by the no hips, short hair, and straight lines, that features are reflected in the bottle expressing the androgynous trend of the time.

The bottle changed the regular pattern of tiny, jeweled women’s fragrance bottles.

The design also allows great manufacturing advantage, due to the easy label and boxing and the capability of mass-manufactured, also celebrating the industrial moment. 

With the perfume, the creators intended to create something sublime. With the concrete purpose of made of it a composition, something artificial, the manufactured process of the bottle is another component of the industrial and artificial concept of the fragrance.

In summary, the bottle perfectly fits with the time trends, it represents the customer, represents the intention of the product, it is innovating, breaks the parameters of the market, its unique, different, it appeals to the understanding of the time, and explodes the trends. In short: Iconic.

This iconic fragrance was created by Ernest Beaux, the French-Russian chemist, and perfumer, in 1921 and is still a best-seller.  Today, the bottle still looks classic, clean, and elegant.

Count with us to make your iconic package!

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