Our Services


We are experts in package designing; we can come up with the most creative visuals for your business to ensure that your customers fall in love at first sight. With our state of the art technology and materials, your products will surely stand out from the rest.

Sustainable Creations

Our stunning designs are built to last and are also gentle on the environment. They create zero to to minimal negative environmental impact. If you’re a brand that’s environmentally conscious, we are the packaging solutions for you. 

Style Guide

Our goal is to provide you with a packaging design that catches people’s attention with just one look. We know that your brand is truly one of a kind and as such, our services and designs can be tailored to meet your exact requirements. Whether you want jaw-dropping visuals or a sleek and minimalist look, we can design it for you. We are experts in turning imagination into reality.

Consultancy Services

Are you a start-up or just need some direction for your packaging design? Don’t worry, He Tien is here for you. Through our years of experience. we have an in-depth understanding of virtually every industry and we can help you come up with designs that give you an edge in your industry. We offer expert consultancy services to help you get your packaging designs right.

Our expertise

We are the leader in the packaging industry. Market served: Beverages & Food, Health & Beauty, Household/Industrial, Luxury Goods.

High Technology

Using the best technologies and materials enables us to offer unique results in packaging solutions.

Exceed Expectations

We provide a level of service and support that consistently exceeds customer expectation.


Our packaging solutions are built to last and create minimal environmental impact throughout the product’s life cycle.

Our team

Our professional team members have the skills and knowledge to add value in our packaging solutions.

Quality and innovation

With a quality management system in place, we ensure that our products are of the highest levels of quality in all processes: from design to manufacture.

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